Weenees Pouch Pant Nappy System

Eenee Pouch Pant Nappies

Weenees Eco Disposable Pads are the perfect alternative for families who want to use an environmentally friendly nappy that won't confine them to the laundry.   Weenees have the convenience of a standard  disposable nappy while being 100% compostable.  They are easy to use and easy to dispose of. 

Eco Nappies Pouch Pants


Weenees Baby Removable Inner Waterproof Pouch

Weenees Eco Flushable Disposable Insert Booster Pads (no waterproofing)

Microfiber Superabsorbent Cloth Nappies

uPads - Cartons (All ages compostable disposable insert pad with leak guards & waterproofing)

Weenees are a bit different to a normal disposable, in that they work as a two part system (pads and pants), alternatively the Weenees Pouch Pants can be used with rectangular folded cloth nappies or our Eenee Hi Tech Microfiber Cloth Nappies.  uPads in Pouch Pants

You can also use the Pouch Pants with our new Eenee compostable uPads to give a secure leak free fit.  Just place the uPad in the pouch with the ends of the pad extending out the ends of the pouch, then fit the pant to bub with the fasteners to the back.  Pull the ends of the uPad at the front and back to snug the pad close to the body, the pouch edge will form a second leak guard around the uPad giving great containment night and day.


Every time you purchase environmentally friendly products you are helping to build and maintain a better world for our children.

Did you know that in a babies 'nappy lifetime' 1 Baby = 5,000 nappies or 1,500 kilograms of domestic waste.

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Weenees Baby Pouch Pants How they Work

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