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"I don’t know why this design can’t just be the norm! It’s amazing and 100% compostable! Super soft and absorbent. I just want to spread the word to everyone that environmental, disposable nappies are possible! Eenee nappies are so amazing!!" ... Helena

Stretch nappies like you have never seen before...

eenee baby nappy pants are cute beyond belief, snuggest fit ever, combined with our highly absorbent compostable uPads, they are so easy to use.  Pull-up or lay down to fit, snap open sides make them easy to reload and change.
eenee pulll-up nappy pants
Eenee pull-up nappy pants

eenee pulll-up nappy pants


How eenee nappies work

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Newborn Starter Pack (1 ctn Small uPads + 2 Small Cotton Nappy Wraps

NEW Eenee Pull-up Nappy Pants with opening sides

uPads - Cartons (All ages compostable disposable insert pad with leak guards & waterproofing)

Eenee Swimmers

Eenee Compostable Nappies Australia - Innovative products since 1991

Our Eenee Story

Creating innovative nappy solutions for babies, children & adults.  Our patented systems are a world first and unlike any other 'plastic' disposable nappy.  We have spent over 25 years creating a truly sustainable system where our eenee compostable pads are suitable for 'recycling' through commercial composting and our eenee belts, wraps or pants are 're-used' - not just thrown away.  We are working towards a circular economy not a linear one.

Nutrient rich compost can help increase organic matter and replace chemical fertiliser use on our depleted Australian soils.  For many years, we have been working with commercial composters to enable change, and the wheels of change have started to move with a number of Councils and facilities now successfully turning your waste into nutrient rich compost.  So, instead of our nappies being wasted in landfill and the precious resources lost, we need your support to further enable this important change!

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