Ultimates Ctn 30 (Adults Compostable Disposable Insert Pads with waterproofing and leak guards)

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Ultimates Super Absorbent Disposable, buy here by the carton or see Auto Shipping to have your cartons delivered monthly to your door FREIGHT FREE

Eenee Ultimates come in the one size, are unisex and suitable for Small through to XXL size Adults. 

With a working capacity of 1,500ml (Total capacity well over 2,000ml), they are about 50% more absorbent than most adult brand incontinence pads.  Made with more sustainable materials, the waterproof Bio-film layer is breathable for comfort.

Ultimates can be used in any close fitting underpant or netting pants, however we have designed and made a more supportive and containing reusable eenee Pull-up gripper pant which provides greater security and comfort.  With no noise, the system is very discreet and trim fitting.

Interested in saving up to $48 whilst getting your uPads shipped to your door? Check out our subscription options:

Eenee Compostable Ultimates Subscription - Enjoy free shipping & reduced rates


Eenee Ultimates can be commercially composted, they are made with more sustainable materials so they have less impact on our environment.  We are working with the composting industry to encourage the 'recycling' of these compostable products rather than disposing of in landfill.
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