Eenee Nappy Belt & Compostable uPads

Super Simple, Super Soft, Super Absorbent, Super Eco

 Enjoy the convenience of a regular disposable nappy whilst knowing that you are making a difference.

Baby Eenee Nappy Belts Printed

Baby Eenee Nappy Belt Plain Colour

Newborn Starter Pack (1 ctn Small uPads + 2 Small and 1 Medium Belt

Starter trial pack uPads & Belt

Eenee Stretch Gripper Belt

uPads - Packet (compostable disposable with waterproofing and leak guards)

uPads - Cartons (All ages compostable disposable insert pad with leak guards & waterproofing)

By splitting the nappy into two parts opens up a world of new possibilities:

# A sustainable super soft, super breathable, super absorbent pad 

# Creating the first truly commercially compostable disposable

# A cute belt which gently hugs your baby


Enjoy the convenience of a regular disposable nappy whilst knowing that you are making a difference.  The small family run Tasmanian team at Eenee has been working tirelessly for over 22 years at bringing you innovative baby solutions which benefit you, your baby and the environment.


 InnovativeNo CompromisesCaringTruly Sustainable


Eenee Nappy Belt Instructions


Did you know that if we could recycle the nappies used in Australia in 1 year that would equate to nearly 2% of the annual fertiliser usage?  Instead, almost all of them end up in landfill.  What a waste of those precious resources!  That is one of the reasons why we have created our range of compostable nappies.  But, it takes a lot of effort to change the world.  We have been working for the past 7 years to help and get commercial composting facilities to accept our products.  The wheels of change has started to move with a number of councils and facilities already successfully turning your waste into nutrient rich compost for our farmers.