uPants & uPads

Soft, Comfortable & Active

These uPants are a super soft stretchy outer pant.  They are used in conjunction with either our uPad inserts, Weenees Pads + uPouch or Microfiber + uPouch.  Any option creates a super soft and comfortable system for the most active babies and toddlers.

uPants Prints

uPants Plain Colours


uPads - Cartons (All ages compostable disposable insert pad with leak guards & waterproofing)

Microfiber Superabsorbent Cloth Nappies

Weenees Eco Flushable Disposable Insert Booster Pads (no waterproofing)

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How Eenee uPants, uPads and uPouches work

InnovativeNo CompromisesCaringTruly Sustainable

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