Eenee Compostables for Children & Adults

Eenee Compostables Ultimates & uPads can be worn in a stretch pant, Eenee Pull-up Gripper Pants or Eenee Undies

Ultimates Ctn 30 (Adults Compostable Disposable Insert Pads with waterproofing and leak guards)

uPads - Cartons (All ages compostable disposable insert pad with leak guards & waterproofing)

Weenees Eco Flushable Disposable Insert Booster Pads (no waterproofing)

Ctn 108 Small Eenee Compostables (300ml, 2-6kg) (with leak guards & waterproofing)

100 Small Eenee Compostables with leak guards (Aus Made with waterproofing)

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Our Australian designed ZERO WASTE disposables are acceptable for commercial composting*, better for you and the environment.

Compost Australia Endorsement


Endorsed by Compost Australia as the first and only disposable acceptable for commercial composting.

Eenee 100% Compostable nappies have won a Keep Australia Beautiful Award for Environmental Innovation.


Keep Australia Beautiful Award


Your comfort and health are most important. Our eenee compostables and uPads provide the very best of current environmental technology. You do not have to compromise convenience or absorbency whilst using our ZERO WASTE disposables.

You demanded it, we have made it ....

  • Our super absorbent disposable ensures you stay dry.
  • Our breathable waterproof biofilm reduces sweating.
  • Our technology ensures no harmful chemicals.
  • Our design ensures a comfortable slim fit.
  • Our renewable plant based materials ensure sustainability.
  • Our concern for the environment encouraged us to develop a disposable suitable for commercial composting, helping to keep them out of landfill.

*Commercial composting is an emerging sustainable industry. Please CLICK HERE for an updated list of suitable facilities in Australia that accept eenee compostables and for information on WHY WE SHOULD COMMERCIALLY COMPOST DISPOSABLES.

Please do not send other disposables for composting as their non biodegradable plastic content will contaminate the compost, reducing its quality and value.

CLICK HERE for information on using eenee compostables for babies.

eenee compostables nappies

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