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Eenee Swimmers for Children and Adults

Waterproof Eenee Swimmers are suitable for containing incontinence while swimming, however they look and feel like regular swimmers and are suitable for both men and women, boys and girls.



eenee swimmers unisex for children and adults



Following is a testimonial from a 17 year old boy:-       Hi, my name is David and i contacted you a few weeks ago about your undies and swimmers. i would just like to say that your products are the only non disposable nappies that i've ever used and i don't think i will ever use anything else. they've allowed me to lead a normal teenage life without any draw backs, i now change for gym class with all the other kids in my class and no one has noticed anything, i am also about to enter my first competitive swim comp thanks to your swimmers. the changing is also a life saver, especially with the swimmers. so thanks so much for these amazing products, they've really changed my life!



 Eenee Swimmers have a stretchy waterproof inner sling (made from knitted nylon with polyurethane coating) for containing incontinence.  The outer swim fabric is high chlorine resistant polyester.   Leg and Waist draw cords provide extra support and security.  No disposable pad insert is required. 

These swimmers are designed for use in the pool, not as an absorbent garment for outside the pool.  Some pool water will enter the garment once submerged in the pool.  They are designed to provide enough containment, so that if soiling does occur, the wearer has time to vacate the pool and go to the showers to wash up before returning to the pool.

Available in 5 sizes in Blue, Australian Designed and Made. 

To select the correct size, measure both the waist, hip and halfway mark.  The swimmers tend to fit between just below the waist and slightly above the hip, so as a guide use the below information:-


 Eenee Swimmers sizing


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Eenee Swimmers come in 5 sizes and are suitable for males and females.  Click on the size selection tab for waist/hip measurements and pricing.  IMPORTANT check the size charts above to select the correct size. 
Swimmer waist measurement will stretch up to approx 10cm depending on the size with more stretch in the bigger sizes.