Compost Facilities Accepting Eenee Compostables for Commercial Composting


Compost Australia endorsed eenee compostables (uPads)

Compost Australia endorsed eenee compostables (uPads) in 2009 as being the first and only compostable disposable nappy which is acceptable for commercial composting.  Compost Australia was the peak industry body for commercial composters (now dissolved) and was a division of WMAA (Waste Management Association of Australia) which is the peak industry body for waste management in Australia.

We are now a member of AORA (Australian Organics Recycling Association) which is the new organisation to replace Compost Australia. 


Greater Melbourne area organics bin collection service

We are aiming to have all your Eenee Compostable Nappies, uPads and Weenees Pads recycled into high grade compost along with your food waste and garden organics.  The waste contractor who was providing this regular organics bin collection service had to stop collection in Melbourne due to contamination in one of their commercial organics waste streams.  We are now working with another facility to get a service back up and running and will let you know when it is available again, so if you are interested in this please email us with your contact details so we can keep you informed, email:

We now supply uPads and Ultimates discounted and freight free Australia wide if you choose to subscribe to our Auto Ship monthly delivery service.

Organics collection in Greater Hobart area, Tasmania


Food and green garden organics waste collection in greater Hobart area, Tasmania.

Click on this link  to go to the website to sign up for our new household food and green garden organics waste collection service.

Coffs Harbour Council, NSW


Successful testing at the commercial compost facility in 2009 resulted in Coffs Harbour Council, Nambucca Shire Council and Bellingen Council areas approving the disposal of eenee compostables in their green organics wheelie bin weekly collection.   However in 2016 the waste processor has indicated they would prefer the eenee compostable nappies to be placed in the RED LIDDED BIN so that they can be composted through their alternate waste recovery facility where general rubbish is treated and the organics components extracted and composted for use in agriculture.  In this way they avoid incorrectly placed non-compostable nappies placed in the green bins due to confusion in the market place.  see here


Port Macquarie, NSW


Remondis commercial compost facility has tested and approved eenee compostables for processing.  We are working with the Port Macquarie - Hasitngs Council to allow eenee compostables to be included in the weekly organics waste bin.

Adelaide , SA

Jeffries and Peats Soil commercial compost facilities have approved eenee compostables for processing through their facilities.  We are working with authorities to allow eenee compostables to be included in the weekly collection of organics from households.

The City of Mitcham have now approved Eenee Compostables  (uPads) to be placed in the green bin, please ensure soiled pads are placed in a fully compostable bag before placing in the bin.  Economical compostable bags are supplied by the City of Mitchaml, you can find them here:-

open windrow commercial composting at Soil First, TAS

open windrow commercial composting

Soil First (Open Windrow Commercial Composting) in Tasmania was the first commercial composter to test and approve eenee compostables for processing.  Click on the map of Tasmania at the top of this page to go to our new household food and green garden organics waste collection service for the greater Hobart area.

Peats Soil Compost Facility, SA

Peats Soil Compost Facility is finalising testing of the eenee compostables.

Can I Home Compost Eenee Compostables?

Wet only nappies can be home composted, however it is not recommended to home compost soiled nappies for hygienic reasons.  Note the waterproof biofilm layer of the eenee compostables can take up to 6 months to biodegrade in a cold home compost environment.  If you wish to rapid home compost then we recommend the Weenees compostable/flushable pads and Weenees Pouch Pant system.

Commercial composting is done at high temperatures which will rapidly compost the eenee compostables at the same time it also kills off any pathogens and bacteria that may be found in soiled disposables.