What nappies do I need?

Weenees Baby Pouch Pants or Eenee uPants can be used as a cloth option with the detachable waterproof pouch and Eenee microfiber cloth insert pads (or any type of absorbing cloth insert).

         How many do I need?
Weenees Baby Pouch pants or the Eenee uPants do not need changing at every nappy change, just take out the wet pad and replace with a new one.  This allows you to work with a minimum of three or four pairs, one on, one in the wash and one or two ready to wear.  They don’t take long to wash and dry and if the inner waterproof pouch becomes soiled, then it can easily be snap fastened (for pouch pants) or velcro type fastened (pouch for uPants), in and out.  A few extra pouches will take the pressure off the need to wash the pants as regularly, so it is up to the individual requirements as to how many pairs you have in the end (and they do come in many different colours!).  Remember to take into account newborns have very liquid bowels in the first few months which require changing more often.  We recommend using the Small Eenee Compostables or Small uPads with a Small Nappy Belt for Newborns.