Environmental Information for Weenees Eco Nappies

Zero Waste Weenees Eco Pads are the most environmentally friendly and user friendly disposable pad available.                      

  • They break down to form useful compost in one compost cycle (approx. 50 to 150 days)
  • They have a breathable outer
  • Are hygienically flushable
  • Made from a renewable resource - trees
  • Are non chlorine bleached
  • Have no plastic or perfume additives
  • Use low water consumption
  • Keep the wearer dry

Our flushable compostable pads have now been awarded 'Cradle to Cradle' certification in the USA where they are marketed as gDiaper flushables.  This is the ultimate environmental award which independently confirms our pads leave Zero Waste (there is no 'Grave' as in the traditional Life Cycle analysis).  To find out more information CLICK here.