Eenee Eco Flushable Feminine Pads


Congratulations, you have just found a sanitary pad system which leaves ZERO waste from one month to the next. Eenee Eco Pads are bio-degradable, however this alone is not enough as even bio-degradable products generally fail to degrade in landfill. To be sustainable, products should be created so that they can be 'recycled' back into nutrients easily and economically.  Eenee Eco Pads are hygienically flushable and will fully bio-degrade with the biosolids at waste water plants.  Biosolids are often composted into soil conditioners for land application, tree farms have been shown to thrive on waste water
         Flushed Eenee Eco Pads = ZERO waste

So that helps our environment, but what about you?
Soft, breathable, slim fitting pads for comfort, with no perfumes to irritate, and of course non chlorine bleached farm tree pulp for absorbency. Internationally tested for harmful substances by Oeko-Tex, our rayon cover is accredited as suitable for skin contact.

Eenee Reusable Regular Pouch

Eenee Eco Regular Flushable Pads

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